The synonymic paradigm of the concept tolerance (on the material of English, German, Russian, Ukrainian languages)

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Бердянський державний педагогічний університет
The present article is dedicated to the problem of verbalization of the concept TOLERANCE in the linguocultures of Great Britain, Germany, Russia and Ukraine. The use of the methodology of concept analysis at the overlapping of linguocultural and linguo-cognitive approaches offered by L. Kompantseva is put forward. The methodology based on the following parameters: semantic analysis of the keyword which nominates the concept; lexical-semantic analysis of systematic links; etymological analysis of the key words; semantic analysis of direct and indirect nominations; interpretive semantic analysis of hyperlinks; interpretive semantic analysis of the contexts; interpretive analysis of associations related to the investigated concept; analysis of the key ideas which determine the investigated concept. Based on associative dictionaries, dictionaries of synonyms and the associative experiment, the synonymic paradigm of the concept has been investigated. The article substantiates the use of the term “thematic group”; common and distinctive thematic groups of synonyms of the concept TOLERANCE verbalizer in the English, German, Russian and Ukrainian linguocultures have been defined, and its component analysis has been held. The associative analysis made it possible to define common and specific thematic groups in the studied linguocultures. The following thematic groups are recognized as specific: “satisfaction”, “reward”, “endurance”, “fortitude”, “impartiality” – English linguoculture; “tranquility”, “right of free movement and residence”, “nobleness”, “generous nature”, “advertence”, “generosity”, “freedom of actions” – German linguoculture; “gentleness”, “pride”, “freethinking” – Russian linguoculture; “humanity”, “mutual respect”, “mutual understanding”, “mannerliness” – Ukrainian linguoculture. The results of the study demonstrated a disproportion of actualization of the concept TOLERANCE, due to extralinguistic factors, historical, socio-political, philosophical features of formation of national views of the world.
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Concept, view of the world, synonymic row, thematic group, component analysis
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Yudko L. The synonymic paradigm of the concept tolerance (on the material of English, German, Russian, Ukrainian languages) / Ludmyla Yudko // Наукові записки Бердянського державного педагогічного університету. Серія : Філологічні науки : зб. наук. пр. – Бердянськ : БДПУ, 2019. – Вип. 18. – С. 154–161.