The bio (eco) ethical activity of a future primary school in the conditions of the New Ukrainian school: practical vector

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Бердянський державний педагогічний університет
The article notes that the modern approach to understanding the role of environmental education has a defining feature, according to which it is not considered as a component of education, but becomes the goal of the modern educational process, and can not be a mechanical supplement to general education. what level or system of education; the purpose of education is the formation of environmental consciousness. Accordingly, bio (eco) ethics as a modern science is able to take into account the challenges of modern education in the formation of personality. The paper reveals the practical vector of the discipline “Bio(eco)ethical activities of primary school teachers”. The author notes the importance of the process of forming the readiness of undergraduates for the introduction of the technology of bio(eco)ethical activity in the conditions of the New Ukrainian school and the structural components of the outlined process. It is pointed out that during the transfer and acquisition of bio (eco) ethical competencies during the educational process of the course “I explore the world” it is important to influence the motivational sphere of primary school students, which will gradually have practical consolidation in ordinary life situations. According to the author's position, the value component of the course is represented by ideals, ideas and goals that define nature as a universal value, as self-worth. These ideas are based on the realization of the inseparable, organic relationship of man with the biosphere of the planet, with the cosmos as a whole. Thus, it can be argued that this course is educational and methodological support for the purpose of modern environmental education of future primary school teachers – the formation of ecological culture of the individual and society as a set of spiritual and practical experience of human interaction with nature, ensuring its survival and development. At the same time, mastering this course, the future specialist will have the opportunity to successfully influence the formation of environmentally oriented primary education in the New Ukrainian school.
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Bio(eco)ethical activity of primary school teache, bio (eco) ethics, future specialists of primary education, applicants of primary education, New Ukrainian school
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Kramarenko A. The bio (eco) ethical activity of a future primary school in the conditions of the New Ukrainian school: practical vector / Alla Kramarenko // Наукові записки Бердянського державного педагогічного університету. Серія : Педагогічні науки : зб. наук. пр. – Бердянськ : БДПУ, 2021. – Вип. 1. – С. 256–264.