Internet technology as one of distance education during pandemic

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Journal of Health Sciences
The article aims at allowing you to deepen the knowledge of the program material on computer science and, as a consequence, will increase the efficiency of the educational process as a whole during a pandemic, will increase the motivation of students to the subject; will allow developing students' abilities for self-development, self-education. Based on the purpose, subject, hypothesis of the research, the following tasks were solved: scientific methodological and pedagogical literature on the topic of research was studied; revealed the content and essence of Internet technologies; an Internet resource has been developed that allows organizing the process of distance learning in informatics; tested the effectiveness of its use in the process of teaching computer science to students. The practical significance of the study lies in the creation of an educational Internet resource that allows students to acquire the skills to independently create a Web site. This Internet resource can be used for forms of work in informatics in any educational institution during a pandemic.
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distance education, education sector, education system, educational practice, educational process, pandemic
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Mokliuk, M., Popova, O., Soroka, M., Babchenko, Y., & Ivashchenko, I. (2022). Internet technology as one of distance education during pandemic. International Journal of Health Sciences, Vol. 6, No. 1, p. 11–20.