The Intercultural Communication as a Tool of Multilingual Personality Formation in Modern Educational Space of Ukraine.

The innovations in the educational policy of Ukraine are closely connected with global changes in all spheres of human activity: geopolitical problems, migration and emigration, interpersonal and professional contacts. The humanity is in the process of interconnection, interdependence and mutual influence of different countries, peoples and their cultures, religions. Consensus and conflict, cooperation and war make peculiar dialectical pairs, direction and intensity of which determine the viability of any human society. Today these processes in different ways have touched almost every country. Nearly all national and ethnic communities felt the influence of other peoples’ cultures both in positive and negative way. This is the influence of cultural exchanges’ quantity, direct contacts between state institutions, social groups, public movement and definite individuals of different countries and cultures. The significant increase of migrants and refugees caused by military actions and economic crisis creates additional social problems – ignorance of language and disrespect for the norms and traditions of countries in which they are located. Thus, in the center of intercultural interaction there is a person as a carrier of general human universals and national and cultural peculiarities, which requires certain knowledge, skills of intercultural communication. So, the ability of multilingual personality successfully communicates with representatives of other cultures is very important for today. It is the main task of intercultural training of pupils and student youth. That’s why the question as for forming of intercultural communicative competence is very actual, after all it will allow representatives of national communities to adapt more successfully and also to work in the polyethnic environment of Ukraine. The priority directions of education development have been defined in legislative and normative documents which provide successful interaction in all spheres of life. In the proposed article we focus attention on understanding the problem of forming of multilingual personality and its social adaptation in the conditions of modern polycultural society, the cultivation of the culture of tolerant relationships through the forming of intercultural communicative competence at lessons of foreign language in general educational establishments of Ukraine.
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Intercultural communication, Multilingual personality, Cultural identification, Cultural adaptation, Tolerance, Multilingual education, Intercultural paradigm, Modern educational space
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Zagorodnova V., Panova N., Cherezova I., Glazkova I., Nischeta V. (2019). The Intercultural Communication as a Tool of Multilingual Personality Formation in Modern Educational Space of Ukraine. Journal of History Culture and Art Research (ISSN: 2147-0626). Tarih Kültür ve Sanat Araştırmaları Dergisi. Vol. 8, No. 1, March 2019, р. 55-66.