Principles development of modules mechatronic systems

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Publishing House NES Nová Dubnica s.r.o.
The main concept of electromechatronic systems is to harmonize the design principles of physically disparate components of mechanical and electrical systems. The joint functioning of such systems and their subsystems makes it possible to ensure the necessary parameters and characteristics of machines and mechanisms already at the early stages of design. This approach requires a developed system of automated design and control and consists of software modules of automated formation, the study of mathematical models of the dynamics of both machines in general and their individual functional parts. On the basis of the created electromechatronic systems and subsystems, promising methods of their diagnosis are being developed, which contribute to the creation of modern automated structures that have wide possibilities and interchangeability of elements. In general, mechatronics is related to practice and technical progress, which is due to the knowledge and skills of specialists and their engineering intuition.
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Onyshchenko S. Principles development of modules mechatronic systems / S. Onyshchenko // Promising scientific achievements in science, education and production – 2023 : collective monograph. – Nová Dubnica : NES Nová Dubnica s.r.o., 2023. – Chapter 3. – Р. 82–96. – (Series of monographs Slovak Publishing House NES Nová Dubnica s.r.o., Monograph 2).