Modeling of strategies for the development of the resort-recreation sphere of Ukraine

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In modern world economy resort recreations – one of the most high-profitable industries of managing. Ukraine owns the powerful resort and recreational potential, effective development of which can bring a real economic benefit. For this purpose, it is necessary to form a system concept for the development of such industry, which are integral part of the economic transformations. The purpose of the article consists in development of approach to modeling of transformations strategy development of resort-recreation systems in which transformation acts as their internal and necessary part. As a result of research, the concept of transformation strategy development was grounded, as a certain period of cyclic dynamics, and the scenarios of origin of catastrophe, development and introduction of innovations is got. The offered approach assumes opportunity to consider development of economy of resort-recreation systems as process of transformation change of strategies. On this basis the model based on theory of catastrophes, which allows carrying out the scenario description of transformation strategies of resort-recreation systems is constructed.
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resort-recreation sphere, modeling, strategies, development
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Zakharchenko, Р. Kostenko, G. Kungurtseva-Mashchenko, T. Zhvanenko, S. and Mukhin, V. (2021). Modeling of strategies for the development of the resort-recreation sphere of Ukraine. 9th International Conference on Monitoring, Modeling & Management of Emergent Economy (M3E2 2021), SHS Web Conf., vol. 107, p. 1-7.