Peculiarities of the planning and conducting esp courses for the military forces

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Berdyansk State Pedagogical University
The article is devoted to the peculiarities of planning and conducting dpecial courses of English languafe which would be oriented on the improvement soldiers’ communicative skills. The author underlines that within modern conditions the security and safety of our country needs a highly-qualified military professionals. Thus, the change should involve the training of the English language teachers, able to plan and conduct ESP (English for Specific Purposes) courses for different purposes, including «English for the Military Forces». The purpose of the study is to reveal the features of the planning and conducting ESP courses for the Military Forces. The obiect of the research work is the author’s written syllabus for the ESP course for the military forces. It is made the stress on the fact that nowadays the Ukrainian army transforms according to NATO standards, which must be resulted in the cooperative international activities. One of the important steps is the training of the soldiers and command staff, able to communicate with foreign collegues in English because it it is necessary for the performance and execution of common combat tasks along with the troops of the Alliance. Mastering English during the planned ESP course gives the carreer opportunities for our soldiers because they will be able to become the world-class class specialists. This could be realised due to the especially planned ESP Courses, which could be conducted on the base of the educational institutions considering the peculiarities of the work with the students within the Multicultural Educational Society. The article contains the author’s syllabus, which includes the content which should be mastered by the soldiers and command staff. The prposed tasks from the ESP course are based on the non-standard methods of teaching military forces including problem-solving methods of teaching, active, creative forms and methods such as the project method, «brainstorming», discussions, the method of podcasts, the associative method, training in collaboration or cooperative learning, sliding, case-study and role-playing games, argumentative essay writing, concept maps, webs, charts, flipped classroom, content and language integrated learning (CLIL) etc.
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Khalabuzar O. Peculiarities of the planning and conducting esp courses for the military forces / Oksana Khalabuzar // Наукові записки БДПУ. Сер.: Педагогічні науки. – 2023. – Вип. 1. – С.396–409.