Pedagogical orthobiotics as a component of the professional competence of the future teacher

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Berdyansk State Pedagogical University
Health for a person as a living being should be an absolute, natural vital value, because the satisfaction of almost all human needs, the quality and durability of his life depends on his level. Only a healthy, vital organism is capable of the full and qualitative interaction of a person with the external environment: with the world of nature and social conditions of existence. However, recently in modern Ukrainian society there has been a rapid deterioration in the health of citizens, children, and youth, which causes the search for new ways to maintain health and a responsible attitude to their own health as value. In this regard, it is relevant to increase the professional competence of the teacher by using the ideas of orthobiotics. In the end, for the teacher, it is important not only to acquire knowledge, skills to take care and consciously relate to their individual health, but also to teach students this. In this case, a powerful mechanism is a personal example. Ortobiotics as a science of self -preservation of human health, offers personality means of practical mastery of the technique of maintaining their own health (physical, mental, and spiritual) to continue the productive, high -quality, optimistic life as long as possible. It is pedagogical orthobiotics that should find its place in the content of professional education, the purpose of which is to form sanogenic thinking, by developing a personal strategy for health care, mastering several methods to prevent, and overcome those situations and conditions that threaten the personal health of the teacher and the collective (pedagogical and student) generally. The purpose of the study is to study the essence and significance of orthobiotics as a technology that contributes to the preservation of health, for long -term activities and ideas about this among students at a pedagogical university as future teachers. The results of pedagogical diagnostics have shown that many students do not have sufficient knowledge about orthobiotics, and their current state of health leaves much to be desired. This indicates that there is not enough professional training and healthcare skills for students as future teachers, that motivation to increase the level of healthcare culture is insufficient. Thus, it is necessary to enrich the content of the professional and practical training of future specialists with healthcare technologies and pay more attention to the formation of a culture of their own health and motivation for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
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Health, healthcare, orthobiotics, the competence of the teacher, здоров'я, здоров’язбереження, ортобіотика, компетентність педагога
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Pedagogical orthobiotics as a component of the professional competence of the future teacher / Valentyna Kurilova, Zhanna Cherniakova, Inna Horiachok, Olha Shapovalova // Наукові записки БДПУ. Сер.: Педагогічні науки. – 2023. – Вип. 1. – С.296–304.