The role of artificial intelligence in enhancing online learning

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Інноваційна педагогіка: науковий журнал Причорноморського науково-дослідного інституту економіки та інновацій
The article delves into contemporary artificial intelligence technologies being integrated into online education. Emphasis is placed on analyzing the impact of these technologies on the quality of education and accessibility of educational resources. An important aspect is discerning the advantages and limitations of using artificial intelligence for various categories of students and educators. In this era of rapid technological advancement, particular attention is directed towards artificial intelligence (AI) and its influence on various aspects of life, notably in education. Online education, as a pivotal segment of the educational landscape, demonstrates the potential of AI in transforming traditional pedagogical methods and providing the opportunity for knowledge acquisition to all interested parties, regardless of their location or material resources. The utilization of AI in online education emerges as a pertinent and promising avenue for further research and development in this field. The article offers a projection of potential future directions for the development of AI-based online learning systems. The research underscores the significant potential of employing AI in the educational process, its capacity to reshape conventional pedagogical methods, and ensure access to knowledge for a wide array of users, irrespective of their location or resources. The integration of artificial intelligence tools in online education represents a significant stride in modern education. These technologies unlock boundless opportunities for optimizing the learning process and grant access to quality education for a diverse spectrum of students. Artificial intelligence enables the development of individualized learning programs, automates routine tasks for both instructors and students, thereby enhancing efficiency and engagement in learning. In this context, it is crucial to consider and address issues related to data confidentiality, the necessity for professional system maintenance, and aspects of ethics and user rights protection. A thorough analysis of these aspects in the process of developing and implementing AI-based online learning systems stands as a vital task for the successful integration of this innovative technology into the educational realm. The authors affirm the significance and prospects of employing artificial intelligence in online education, contributing to the continued advancement of this promising direction in education.
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Alieksieieva H. M. The role of artificial intelligence in enhancing online learning / H. M. Alieksieieva, V. H. Khomenko, V. V. Khomenko // Інноваційна педагогіка : науковий журнал Причорноморського науково-дослідного інституту економіки та інновацій. – Одеса, 2023. – № 63, т. 2. – С. 172–175.