Development of world energy

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Currently, the problem of uninterrupted provision of the economies of the countries of the world with cheap energy resources is acute. The price of oil, natural gas, hard coal and brown coal on the world market continues to rise. The development of nuclear energy is limited by the need to increase the safety of nuclear reactors, and the problems of burying nuclear fuel cycle waste. An alternative to fuel energy resources could be renewable energy sources - an almost unlimited source of energy. The problems of their mass application are related to the complexity of forecasting the work and the need to build large plants for collecting scattered energy. Currently, they cannot displace fuel resources
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world energy, energy resources, alternative renewable energy sources
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Onyshchenko S. Development of World Energy / S. Onyshchenko // Priority directions of development of science and education : materials of the ІV International research and practical internet conference (December, 26, 2022) : collection of abstracts / for the general ed. PhD Serhii Onyshchenko. – Zdar nad Sazavou : DEL a.s., 2022. – P. 13–14.