Interactive technologies and logical-creative thinking

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Бердянський державний педагогічний університет
The reform of the education system of Ukraine, connected with the global integration into the European educational space, the introduction of a person oriented, humanistic paradigm, the implementation of distant professional training, leads to an increase in the requirements for the professional thinking of future teachers. Modern teacher’s personality mist be characterized by the independence, flexibility, reflexivity, creativity, systematicity, criticality, openness, etc., which will make it possible to successfully solve both life and professional tasks, create favorable conditions for learning, education, comprehensive harmonious development of students in accordance with today’s demands, which must be guaranteed during the processes of distant learning.
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education, English language, modern interactive technologies, ability, knowledge, logical thinking
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Khalabuzar O. Interactive technologies and logical-creative thinking / O. Khalabuzar, K. Usoltceva // Мова і соціум: етнокультурний аспект: матеріали IX Міжнародної наукової інтернет конференції, (м. Бердянськ, 11 листопада 2022 р.): зб. публікацій / гол. ред. С. Глазова. - Бердянськ : БДПУ, 2022. - С. 210-219.