Personal e-Learning Environment of a Mathematics Teacher

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This paper is aimed at creating a model of a Personal e-Learning Environment (PLE) of a University Mathematics teacher. A special emphasis is put on the analysis of the approaches to understanding the notion Personal e-Learning Environment (PLE) and studies into creating a PLE model. The Deductive Content Analysis of the research papers and other academic sources in this article allowed defining the structure of the PLE model of University Mathematics teachers. The authors of the present paper see the bottom line of the modelling process as giving content to the PLE according to the types of teaching activities, which Mathematics teachers do to perform the Instructive, Cognitive, Designing, Planning, Social, Managerial roles.
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Vlasenko К., Chumak O., Achkan V., Lovianova I., Oksana Kondratyeva. (2020). Personal e-Learning Environment of a Mathematics Teacher. Universal Journal of Educational Research, Vol. 8(8), 3527-3535