Modeling expectations of resort-tourist market of Ukraine

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In modern world economy resort recreations is one of the most high-profitable spheres of managing. Ukraine owns the powerful resort and tourist potential, to which effective development can bring areal economic benefit. For this purpose, it is necessary to form of system concept for the development of such systems, which are integral part of the economic transformations. Transformational processes are displayed in shifts in consumption, requirements and ways of their satisfaction. The market environment needs are in the form of demand and ways to meet them mediated by the market in the form of market expectations. They are important for forecasting the behavior of the market of resort and tourist products. As a result, of research was the model of dynamics of trust of the market to transformational changes of the resort and tourist sphere of Ukraine is constructed. Scenarios of change of level of trust at various values of parameters, which correspond to stages of development of transformational economy are received.
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resort-tourist market, modeling, model of dynamics of trust of the market
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Zakharchenko P., Kostenko A., Kungurtseva-Mashchenko T. and I. Gorbachova (2019). Modeling expectations of resort-tourist market of Ukraine. The 8th International Conference on Monitoring, Modeling & Management of Emergent Economy (M3E2 2019) (Odessa, Ukraine, May 22-24, 2019). Volume 65, 2019.