Formation of color perception of junior schoolchildren

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The urgency of the problem of forming the color perception of junior schoolchildren is explained by the radical reform of general secondary education in Ukraine. The concept of color sensory ability as a functional unit of color perception is defined. Qualitative levels of students' mastery of color skills in the current pedagogical experience are revealed. Educational and perceptual tasks aimed at the formation of children's color perceptual processes are described. The effectiveness of the introduced didactic influences is proved – in comparison with the control group, the participants of the experimental group showed the highest efficiency of differentiation, classification-serial ordering and verbal categorization of color properties of objects, stability of skills to reproduce exactly these properties. Prospects for further research are associated with the development of didactic support for the development of sensory processes of other modalities in younger students
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Color perception, Color sensory ability, Educational tasks, Junior schoolchildren, Perceptual tasks
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Barbashova І. Formation of color perception of junior schoolchildren / I. Barbashova // AD ALTA : Journal of interdisciplinary research. – 2021. – V. 11, Is. 1. – Spec. Is. XVII. – P. 102–107.