ICT-competence of a modern teacher of energy disciplines

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DEL a.s.
The problem of professional competence of modern pedagogical personnel in the field of information and communication technologies (ICT-competence) is relevant both in pedagogical theory and in the practice of education. In recent years, the concept of ICT-competence is often used in scientific and pedagogical literature and regulatory and management documents in connection with the increasing importance of ICT in the functioning of the education system and distance education in general. Wide use of information and communication technologies form a demand for the renewal of the information and educational environment of higher education institutions, as well as the effective use of its resources.
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ICT-competence, modern teacher, energy disciplines
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Onyshchenko S. ICT-Competence of a Modern Teacher of Energy Disciplines / Serhii Onyshchenko // Current issues of science : materials of the IV International research and practical internet conference (April, 29, 2023) : collection of abstracts / for the general ed. Ph.D Serhii Onyshchenko. – Zdar nad Sazavou : DEL a.s, 2023. – Р. 11–13.