National Security and Public Safety: Models of Legal Regulation in Comparative Perspective

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Cuestiones Políticas
The paper addresses some pressing national security and public safety issues in various jurisdictions, including Ukraine. The correlation between two main concepts is emphasized. It is shown that in the modern world risks related to national security and, therefore, also to public security are significant. The approaches to defining the two main components of the state are illustrated and the main elements are pointed out. It is emphasized that today security is one of the key values (rights) for any person and citizen and is generally prescribed in national Constitutions. The provisions of the draft Public Security and Civil Defense Strategy of Ukraine (2021), related to national security and public safety, have been discussed. Finally, the main threats to the security of the community and individual citizens have been outlined and the means to overcome them have been elaborated. In the conclusions, it has been established that the formulation of a security and defense sector perspective model for central executive authorities presents a number of opportunities as well as challenges.Moreover, it is difficult to give a clear and all-encompassing legal definition of the concept of “public security”.
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Danylevska , Y., Makarenko, T., Myroshnychenko, V., Lysenko , T., Petiahina, I., & Kamensky, D. (2023). National Security and Public Safety: Models of Legal Regulation in Comparative Perspective: Seguridad Nacional y Seguridad Pública: Modelos de regulación jurídica en perspectiva comparada. Cuestiones Políticas, 41(79), 524-541