Educational quest as an innovative tool for studying nanotechnologies in specialty 015 «Professional education. Energy»

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DEL a.s.
The need to quickly navigate the ever-accelerating information flow, quickly make decisions and organize their implementation leads to a new social order in education. The rapid change of technologies requires a corresponding restructuring of the direction of the work of workers, who, during their working life, must change their field of activity 4-5 times, receiving high qualifications, in order to implement new high technologies. Hence the need for continuous technological education of people. In the direction of updating the content of education, the following can be noted: the rapid development of high technologies and the need for specialists in the field of high technologies dictate, in turn, the need to adjust the content of the subject area "Professional education", filling it with the basic concepts from the disciplines of the natural science cycle, thereby forming the cognitive interest of students in fundamentals of sciences and developing an innovative type of technological thinking.
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Onyshchenko S. Educational Quest as an Innovative Tool for Studying Nanotechnologies in Specialty 015 «Professional Education. Energy» / Serhii Onyshchenko // Innovation processes in science and education : Materials of the ІІІ International research and practical internet conference (November, 30, 2022) : collection of abstracts // for the general ed. Ph.D Serhii Onyshchenko. – Zdar nad Sazavou : "DEL a.s.", 2022. – Р. 11–13.