The peculiarities of use role and plot games for the development of communicative competence skills of primary school pupils

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Game is a form of organization of student life, in which the teacher can, using various methods, to form oral skills, the features of which are: initiative, contact, spontaneity, emotional coloring. Role-playing games in foreign language lessons should be organized by the teacher in advance, using additional materials, supports and visual aids. The place of role play depends on the degree of readiness of the class for it, taking into account the real capabilities of each student. Communicative and cognitive activities in the classroom are designed to ensure the integrity of the language learning process through the use of role-playing games and it allows students to fully immerse themselves in a foreign language culture through the roles offered to students within a particular topic. The experience of playing games at school has established that students have experience of playing games, they are active, inquisitive and ready to prepare for the game without the help of a teacher. The use of role-playing games in foreign language lessons provides an opportunity to increase interest in a foreign language, creates a positive attitude to its study, stimulates independent thinking, and most importantly, role-playing games affect language development and affect the development of speaking, reading, listening and writing skills. at the senior stage of training. Role-playing games promote the activation of communicative and cognitive activities, thus ensuring a continuous process of learning a foreign language through work with dictionaries, additional literature sources, the use of interdisciplinary links. There are many types of games, including role-playing. Role-playing is an important component of foreign language learning: role-playing performs many of the functions necessary for successful learning. The game situation in the lesson provides immersion in the research topic, removes the language barrier, creates a favorable psychological atmosphere. Role play should be conducted under the strict control of the teacher and planned in advance, ensuring the integrity of the learning process. Role-playing games can not do without props or communication situations. Roles between students should be distributed according to students' abilities and the level of language proficiency.
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Gerasymenko O. The peculiarities of use role and plot games for the development of communicative competence skills of primary school pupils / Oxana Gerasymenko // Наукові записки Бердянського державного педагогічного університету. Серія : Педагогічні науки : зб. наук. пр. – Бердянськ : БДПУ, 2021. – Вип. 3. – С. 46–52.