Theoretical issues of future teachers’ sustainable professional self-development

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Berdyansk State Pedagogical University
The article highlights some theoretical issues which are crucial for future teachers’ consistent professional growth. The paper touches upon the essence of the concept of «professional self-development» within the framework of teacher training. The research fundamental idea is traced back to its scientific origins an analysis is conducted to define the concept. It is stated that despite many published works that focus on or address a particular topic, there is ambiguity of approaches to the interpretation of «professional self-development» in scientific and pedagogical literature. The paper presents Ukrainian and foreign scientists’ understanding of the essence of professional self-development. The research reveals that in contemporary pedagogical science, professional self-development is viewed as a multifaceted concept. According to scientists, professional self-development of a teacher is regarded as a distinct activity that follows a particular structure, which includes elements such as motives, goals, content, subjects, objects, means, implementation conditions, approaches and outcomes. The concept and fundamental nature of «professional self-development» are analyzed and explored. According to the concepts of scholars, the author's definition of this phenomenon is explained, specifically within the context of the terminological field of training future teachers for their profession. Within the current scientific space, there exist multiple definitions of the term «professional self-development», each with their own distinct differences and variations determined by the researcher’s perspective, subject area of study, scientific beliefs and interests. Upon analyzing the conceptual and terminological framework of the research, it can be concluded that although there are numerous interpretations of the central concept in pedagogical discourse, professional self-development of future teachers is primarily regarded as a deliberate and innovative approach that involves improving one’s own personality and developing oneself into a professional. The author states that professional self-development is an essential aspect of pedagogical activity and a crucial element of contemporary teacher training.
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Shymanovych I. Theoretical issues of future teachers’ sustainable professional self-development / Iryna Shymanovych // Наукові записки БДПУ. Сер.: Педагогічні науки. – 2023. – Вип. 1. – С.426–433.