Peculiarities of the Formation of Students’ Business Communication Skills within the Distance Learning

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Hindawi. Education Research International
The article deals with the problems of the formation of students’ business communications skills at higher educational institutions. The authors ground the hypothesis that the implementation of nonstandard ways and forms of teaching foreign language provides the increasing of effectiveness of formation of students’ business communicative skills. The goal of research work deals with the theoretical justification and presentation of nonstandard interactive means and forms of educational activity oriented on the formation of business communication skills (BCS) of students within distance learning. Due to the applied qualitative and quantitative methods of research (conducted surveys, experimental research work, data analysis, etc.), it was proved the necessity of implementation of the interactive technologies into the educational process. The authors found out that modern society requires the new generation of specialists who must be educated, professional in their fields, and able to compete within the rapidly changing paradigms of the business systems. For the further implementation by teachers, they are given samples of nonstandard forms of educational activity, certain interactive technologies, instructions, and advice on ways of increasing the effectiveness of BCS. There are described prospects of the further research activity, which will be devoted to the problem of strengthening of BCS.
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formation of students’ business communications skills, higher educational institutions, distance learning
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Nagay I., Khalabuzar O., Alieksieieva H., Antonenko O., Ovsiannikov O. (2023). Peculiarities of the Formation of Students’ Business Communication Skills within the Distance Learning. Education Research International, vol. 2023, Article ID 9660270, 8 pages.