Khadu Gymnastics: Recovery Effect and Health Benefits

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Berdyansk State Pedagogical University
The article highlights the idea of complex use of gymnastics and Hadu exercises in physical education classes, aimed at solving problems of a health-improving nature, harmonious physical development of the individual as well as the improvement of his motor abilities and health strengthening. The author accentuates on the necessity to effectively include Khadu gymnastics not only in the educational process of classroom or extracurricular activities but also in everyday lives and practices. The research is based on the experience of Zviad Arabuli, who developed the system based on a specifically organized set of exercises. The author underlines the idea of an adequate application of the above-mentioned methodology in order to increase its the positive effect in the restoration of the musculoskeletal system of trainees, enhance the effectiveness of the health-improving processes as well as restoring impaired functions of the human body as a whole. The major component of Hadu gymnastics is exercising with simultaneous tension of opposing muscles that has to be accompanied by proper breathing. When recognizing Zviad Arabuli's methodology as one of the innovative health techniques in the sports industry we focus on its compliance with the socio-cultural demands of society regarding increasing work capacity, stress resistance in order to obtain a health-improving result. Testing of indicators of functional status and analysis of survey results of representatives of different age groups testified to positive changes during the subjective assessment of their health. The study, in which 20 women and 15 men participated, was conducted for 7 months at the sports complex of the Mariupol State University. During the interview, 54% of the respondents confirmed the disappearance of back and neck pain, 20% of the respondents underlined the reduction of pain in the lower back, 28% of the respondents noted the improvement of vision, 12% of the respondents indicated the reduction of pain in the joints, 63% of them confirmed the ease of walking and straightening the posture, 15% of women and men improved their sleep after a few weeks of doing the blitz complex exercises. Appealing to the balance of the spiritual, aesthetic and physical qualities of a modern person, Hadu gymnastics, represented by a system of specially developed physical exercises and scientifically based techniques, confirms in practice its target focus on maintaining person’s proper physical shape as well as strengthening his health and restoring impaired body functions.
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Pavlenko I. Khadu Gymnastics: Recovery Effect and Health Benefits / Ievgen Pavlenko // Наукові записки БДПУ. Сер.: Педагогічні науки. – 2023. – Вип. 1. – С.352–361.