Application of R Programming Language in Learning Statistics

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The study examines the problem of teaching statistics to future programmers. The theoretical content of teaching statistics has undergone significant development and requires a change in its focus on the practical field, even while studying at a higher education institution. It is determined that the improvement of teaching statistics to students requires moving from theoretical teaching methods to the practical solution of applied problems and shifting of emphasis from the process of statistical calculations to the analysis and results interpretation. The research allowed establishing that the training of statistics of future programmers should be based on the use of applied system of tasks developed with the help of real data sets obtained as a result of statistical research. Such tasks allow increasing the educational motivation of students in comparison with synthetic examples, which are usually used in the study of statistics. The research has analyzed the software for statistical data analysis as well as identified features of its application in the learning process. It is offered to use a specialized programming language R as the main learning tool.
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Pavlenko, L.; Pavlenko, M.; Khomenko, V. and Mezhuyev, V. (2022). Application of R Programming Language in Learning Statistics. In Proceedings of the 1st Symposium on Advances in Educational Technology - Vol. 2: AET; pp. 62-72. ISBN 978-989-758-558-6, SciTePress, DOI: 10.5220/0010928500003364