Artistic and aesthetic worldview of future musik teachers: the structure of the phenomenon

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Attention to the process of training art professionals is associated with the problem of its compliance with modern requirements, especially the standards of general secondary education institutions. The complexity and versatility of educational and training activities of art teachers in general secondary education institutions necessitate a significant update of the content of their professional training, the introduction of new forms and technologies. An art lesson is a lesson in anthropology, immersion in the fantastic world of arts, the essence of which is to appeal to person as a bearer of creative nature and its development, the content of the learning process with vivid feelings, vivid artistic images, intellectual and emotional components of cultural epochs and styles, on the basis of which the experience of dialogical artistic and aesthetic cognition of the world is gained. Naturally, an important role in this process is given to the development of artistic and aesthetic worldview of students of art education, aimed at understanding the holistic picture of the world embodied in culture and art, the formation of teachers’ systematic methodological artistic thinking. In this perspective, the problem of spreading universally significant (universally important) worldviews, active, humanistically oriented, creative worldview becomes relevant.
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future teachers of music art, worldview, artistic and aesthetic worldview, artistic-perceptual, artistic-activity
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Grigoryeva V. Artistic and aesthetic worldview of future musik teachers: the structure of the phenomenon / Victoria Grigoryeva, Anetta Omelchenko // Innovative Ansätze zur persönlichen Entwicklung und Verbesserung der Gesundheit. – Karlsruhe (Germany) : ScientificWorld-NetAkhatAV, 2021. – Chapter 9. – S. 122–129. – (Monographic series «European Science» ; Book 4, Part 10).