Applying the group discussion method in vocational educational institutions on the example of computer subjects

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Харківський національний університет імені В. Н. Каразіна
Formulaon of the problem. The arcle considers the problem of applying the group discussion method in vocaonal educaonal instuons on the example of computer subjects. There is a problem of developing students’ crical analysis of the informaon content and inslling the communicaon skills, promong the professional training of students and teachers for the posive and responsible use of informaon and communicaon technology, and services. The purpose of the arcle. To consider the main peculiaries of the applying of group discussion methods in the educaonal process of vocaonal instuons on the example of computer subjects. The main results of the study. The modern learning process is analyzed, which provides for one of the important tasks to significantly expand the forms of learning acvies of students. The characteriscs of teaching methods are given. The theorecal foundaons of the educaonal process are highlighted, which should be constructed as communicaon, interacon, exchange of iniaves of its parcipants. This is the way the educaonal process is organized using group, interacve (interacon-based) teaching methods – discussions, role-playing, and simulaon games. The focus is on the group discussion as the most prevalent method. The main task of the group discussion is revealed: to idenfy the exisng diversity of parcipants’ points of view on any problem and a comprehensive analysis of each of them on the example of computer topics. It has been proved that the organized training and educaon, carried out within the framework of a parcular pedagogical system, has a certain organizaonal design, differing by the quantave coverage of students, the rao of collecve and individual forms of organizaon of students’ acvies, the degree of their self-acvity and the specifics of the educaonal process management by the teacher. The praccal example describes the stages of conducng a discussion lesson, which contributes to the development of basic communicaon skills of students, develops their thinking and speaking, while they master the public speaking skills and evidence-based argument, increases their interest in computer topics. We offer the author’s lesson plan for vocaonal instuons on the topic “Book and computer in the informaon society: pros and cons”. Conclusions. It is concluded that discussion is one of the most difficult types of interacve lessons. Students should not only have an understanding of the main interpretaons of essenal IT problems, but also express their own opinions on various issues. Discussion of these quesons is impossible without gaining experience in dialogue and discussion.
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Alieksieieva, H., Ostenda, A., Shchetynina, O., Antonenko, O., & Ovsyannikov, O. (2023). Applying the group discussion method in vocational educational institutions on the example of computer subjects. Scientific notes of the pedagogical department ; Харківський національний університет імені В. Н. Каразіна. - Харків, 2022. - No.51, Ч 1. - С.121-133.