Academic mobility of students of the specialty «Professional education. Energy» in the conditions of multi-level education

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DEL a.s.
The current stage of development of higher professional education in Ukraine is connected with the processes of entering the modern education system into the European educational space, while preserving its nationally specific and cultural priorities. The crisis conditions of the development of Ukraine today, including the sphere of higher education, could not help but affect the contradictions that actualize educational approaches to teaching and education of students in institutions of higher education. Historically, educational priorities are expressed through the prism of socio-political and socio-industrial relations. The situation of formation of educational priorities has now ceased to be an exception in this sense and consists, in this way, of such phenomena as the lack of an adequate number of jobs for young professionals, the regional lack of demand for a number of specialties, the underdevelopment of the production infrastructure in a number of industries. In this regard, domestic universities are oriented in their educational activities to solving the problem of bringing the quality of higher education into line with the needs and modern level of development of production and economy.
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Onyshchenko S. Academic Mobility of Students of the Specialty «Professional Education. Energy» in the Conditions of Multi-level Education / Serhii Onyshchenko // World science : problems, prospects, innovations : Materials of the ІІІ International research and practical internet conference (October, 28, 2022) : collection of abstracts // for the general ed. Ph.D Serhii Onyshchenko. – Zdar nad Sazavou : «DEL a.s.», 2022. – Р. 4–9.