The peculiarities of using texts in teaching of practice of oral and written speaking for the developmnent of communicative skills of students

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Бердянський державний педагогічний університет
The article considers the theoretical issues of teaching speech on the basis of the text and tried to reveal the possibilities of practical application of this technique. As a result, it is emphasized that this way of learning oral speech (both dialogic and monologue) has a number of advantages. The use of text makes it possible to make the learning process interesting and increases motivation. At the same time, to get good results, work on the text must be well organized. Close attention should be paid to the selection of texts taking into account the age and individual characteristics of students. Adherence to these requirements allows to overcome the shortcomings of the system of exercises presented in the textbook. When organizing work at the senior stage, students should be given the opportunity to show their individuality in the process of performing creative tasks. Our proposed set of tasks makes it possible to meet the requirements for the level of development of oral skills at the senior stage. However, as we have already found out, the benefits of including creatively oriented speaking tasks are difficult to overestimate, because students not only learn new lexical material and develop phonetic skills, but they also «immerse» in the language environment, which allows students to learn a foreign language in more depth. Thanks to such tasks, a favorable psychological climate is created in the classroom, the psychological load is reduced, and emotional tone is increased. As practice has shown, the task of teaching speech is one of the most effective means of improving the level of language proficiency of students in almost all aspects. As for the development of attention in adolescence, the amount of attention, the ability to maintain its intensity for a long time and move from one subject to another are at a given age at a very high level of development. However, the attention becomes selective, significantly dependent on the direction of interests. Another feature of the development of the cognitive sphere in adolescence is that the mental growth of high school students is not so much in the accumulation of skills and changes in certain properties of intelligence, as in the formation of individual style of mental activity. The style of thinking is largely determined by the type of nervous system, as well as the student's ability to balance their individuality with the objective, external conditions of activity. All that has been said above indicates the need for an individual approach to learning that stimulates the independence and creativity of students.
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Speech, communication skills, text, approach, educational environment, мовлення, комунікативні навички, текст, підхід, освітнє середовище
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Ryzhkova S. The peculiarities of using texts in teaching of practice of oral and written speaking for the developmnent of communicative skills of students / Svitlana Ryzhkova // Наукові записки Бердянського державного педагогічного університету. Серія : Педагогічні науки : зб. наук. пр. – Бердянськ : БДПУ, 2021. – Вип. 2. – С. 281–287.