Outside Reading: Problems and Solutions

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Konstantin Preslavsky Publishing House
Teachers of foreign languages are very much aware of the problem of shortage of coursebooks for reading modern literature. The existing materials by both domestic and foreign authors are mainly based on the material of classic stories and novellas. A few methodological works based on the contemporary Anglo-American literature are often limited to brief methodological support that is insufficient for a comprehensive study of a text. The purpose of this article is to discuss the ways to improve the efficiency of outside (home) reading teaching. The necessity of creating an integrated, scientifically and methodologically well-thought-out system of home reading classes for the 1st – 5th-year students of foreign language departments at universities based on modern linguistic material is substantiated. Some efficient methods for developing speech competence of students in the four major language skills are suggested.
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home reading, methodology, optimization of teaching, classroom procedures
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Bohdan V. Outside Reading: Problems and Solutions / V. Bohdan // Language and Society : Міжнародний філологічний колегіум, Шуменський ун-т : зб. наук. cт. – Шумен, Болгарія : Университетско изд-во "Епископ Константин Преславски", 2021. – Vol. 2. – C. 237–244.