CLIL Method to Increase Students' Motivationin Studying Mathematics at Higher Technical School

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The article looks into the problem of improving the level of students’ motivation during the study of Mathematics. This study focuses on the implementation of the С2 model within CLIL-approach while teaching Elementary Mathematics to students of higher technical educational institutions. The research analyzed the influence of teaching methods, modes and resources, which can be used to support teaching of mathematical discipline in English and improve students' motivation. This paper also discusses the requirements and recommendations, complying with which contributed to the positive dynamics in students' motives. There was ground to conclude that the conducted course in Elementary Mathematics on the basis of the CLIL methodology had a positive effect on improving technical students’ motivation in Ukrainian universities.
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Vlasenko К., Chumak О., Sitak I., Kalashnykova T., Achkan V. (2020). CLIL Method to Increase Students' Motivation in Studying Mathematics at Higher Technical School. Universal Journal of Educational Research. Vol. 8(2), 362–370